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December 2018 Minutes

PTO Minutes     

December 5, 2018

Principal’s message

  • Safety meeting to be held 12/14/2018
  • Concerns?
    • Preschool drop-off procedure
    • Communication – incident notification should come from administration and not students or other parents
    • Robocall for absences should go out earlier

Teacher’s report

  • Pennies for Patients
    • Coin boxes collected through 01/04/2019
  • Food drive
    • Collected through Christmas break
    • Table will be set up at Cookies & Cocoa
    • Class with highest amount collected will win pizza party

Book Fair report

  • Total $3492.77
    • Goal $3800
    • All for Books total $119
      • To Mrs. Mac for book purchase due to difficulty in discreetly distributing books to children
    • $184.64 Scholastic Dollars earned

School Committee

  • Fundraising addendum draft distributed for review and comment
    • Comments/suggestions to Brendan prior to next school committee meeting (12/18/18)
    • 5th grade GoFundMe – retroactively disbanded?
    • PTO square – can it be used?
    • Busing contract discussions
  • Going forward, at least 2 PTO representatives present at meetings
  • Notice of meeting dates at school level
    • Newsletter?

Cookies and Cocoa

  • Vendor Fair
    • Priscilla will run point
    • Mark off vendor spaces with painters’ tape
    • Assign numbered space to each vendor
    • Use back door for vendor set-up

January 2019 PTO Meeting RESCHEDULED

Due to unforeseen circumstances tonight’s (1/9/19) PTO Meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, January 16th at 6:30pm.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see everyone on the 16th.

cookies and cocoa 2017 baskets.png

cookies and cocoa 2018

NUT SALE! (and pay by credit card info)

It’s that time of year again everyone… NUT SALE IS HERE!  You can find a copy of the nut sale order form here.  Reminder: All orders (paper or email) are due October 22nd! 

This year we have added the pay by credit card feature – woo hoo!  The following is the process you will need to follow if you want to pay for your nut orders with a credit card.

  1.  Compile your order and email it to .
  2. Our busy worker squirrels will confirm your order quantities and totals and will email back a personal PayPal invoice for you to complete credit card payment.
  3. Pick up your order on Friday, November 16th from 4-7pm at Woody Lowden!
  4. ENJOY

Isn’t that simple?  There will be a processing fee to pay via credit card.  The fees break down as follows:

Credit card Processing Fee Schedule:

Amount of Order Fee
Up to $25.99 $1.00
$26.00 – $50.99 $1.50
$51.00 – $75.99 $2.00
$76.00 – $100.99 $3.00
$101.00 – $150.99 $4.00
$151.00 – $200.99 $5.50
$201.00 – $250.99 $7.00
$251.00 – $299.99 $8.50
$300.00 + $10.00


Stop and Shop

Fifth Grade Parents and Guardians

Welcome to 5thGrade!

All Parents/ Guardians of our new 5thgrade class are welcome to join us for a brief informational meeting on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 6:30PM in the CIP Library. Our CIP-PTO will hold this meeting as a transitional forum to discuss typical 5thgrade events and financial responsibilities for this 5thgrade class.  At the conclusion of this meeting all 5thgrade parents/ guardians are responsible for forming a committee that will head meetings, planning of 5thgrade activities and fundraising to meet your financial needs.

Thank You for your support!

October 2018 Agenda


Hope everyone is excited for the new year!  Enjoy your first day of school and remember to stay hydrated!

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